Apple Brandy By Kilian On The Rocks EDP 50ML Reviews & Rating

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4.8 out of 5


4.3 out of 5
Berker Teness

Reviewed in Italy

I was pretty scared to get this from some reviews that said ...

Sebille Cedric

Reviewed in Denmark

Love this scent and is one of the more affordable perfumes but I've been wearing this scent on and off since it came out. Soft and a little sweet but sexy.

Aldis Rosaline

Reviewed in Hungary

Smells Beautiful, Bottle is Big and Beautiful

Thisbe Ernest

Reviewed in Poland

Makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves quality perfume that smells heavenly.

Chance 91

Reviewed in France

Very impressed ! I actually thought this was going to be the small bottle for the price.

Rossa De

Reviewed in Austria

I’m giving it four stars because the scent is good but not great or as memorable as other similar price range scents for me.

Tikvah Gomez

Reviewed in Bulgary

If I could give less than one star I definitely would! This is clearly a knock off product and it smells like insect repellent!

Fulk Rouge

Reviewed in United States

Absolutely delicious, sweet top notes, stays on for a long time in a delightfully mature but sweet scent. It’s seriously amazing especially for summer and spring

Westley Charala

Reviewed in Germany

I can smell it on me all day. I dont usually get that with perfumes. its not over powering or too light of a scent. This will be my new perfume.

Boden Zen

Reviewed in Brazil

New favorite perfume- Totally love it

Yeva 1985

Reviewed in China

I have loved this perfume for so many years. It is my absolute favorite. This is the first time I have bought it in a while, and I couldn’t remember why after smelling it.

Xola Alrik

Reviewed in Bulgary

I was very skeptical abt purchasing it off here because of some of the reviews but I’m glad I did.

Gustav Waller

Reviewed in Romania

Forever my favorite scent!

Vasiliki Chip

Reviewed in Latvia

horrible perfume if it even is perfume I don't know ...

Jagat Wattan

Reviewed in Estonia

Great perfume! Cute bottle! Good shipping!

Wind Avidan

Reviewed in Serbia

THE best affordable perfume

Hamlet A2

Reviewed in Egypt

I originally purchased this perfume because I loved the bottle design

Iakopa Yule

Reviewed in Malta

Such a great price! I was a little worried about this being fake or damaged, like some of the reviews stated. This is in fact the real deal!!! So pumped!

Zibiah Aweinon

Reviewed in Greece

It's nice. Last a long time and is a perfect gift for a young girl or an adult

Madeena Zia

Reviewed in Peru

For me, scent lasted all day. The price point is fantastic. Overall, a great perfume.

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