Aqua Vitae Forte Reviews & Rating


it is too feminine for my liking

Reviewed in Australia on December 2, 2020

I get strong blasts of ylang-ylang in the opening with hints of pepper and mandarin. The dry down is more sandalwood and vetiver, but the ylang-ylang is still noticeable throughout. This is a totally feminine fragrance, in my opinion, I wouldn't class it as unisex (maybe in the dry down only). The longevity is amazing, I put it on at midday, played football (soccer) at 9pm at night becoming covered in sweat and I could still smell it before getting in the shower. I gave my sample to my wife because it is too feminine for my liking, but still a great scent. ​


Thumbs up all the same.

Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2019

MFK is easily one of my favorite modern designers and I find that all of his fragrances have great depth and character, even when they're not my particular style or favorite notes. It's really hard to criticize much in his fragrances. AVF is one that falls into the "not my style or favorite notes" category, but there's no mistaking the artistic hand in the composition. While AVF opens as a spice-citrus composition, with zest like citrus peel, cardamom, cinnamon and pink pepper topnotes. It has a certain sour-spice to it that is unique. Once the topnotes subside the orange blossom and ylang ylang take over. Ylang ylang has a green sugar cane aspect to it and I like it paired with citrus, but AVF runs more floral to my nose, so it doesn't have the same Caribbean tropic affect I expected. A base of soft sandalwood and vetiver make this one sweet and airy. It's lighter and much less powdery than Universalis, but still equally low on projection and sillage. AVF would make an excellent office or travel fragrance as it's more of a personal scent. While I like it, I can't see that it's one that I want to own.

Stefan Stoyanov

A solid and great fragrance

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 30, 2020

A great and stunning one from MFK. Actually, this house has already become my favorite house. It's a floral/cardamom/citrusy/cinnamon combo, and these ingredients were so well crafted together,a bright and solar composition.


Nice scent

Reviewed in Italy on September 4, 2019

Great scent

Stephanie G.

Received it early. Will be ordering more.

Reviewed in Mexico on August 1, 2019

Seems legit. Good performance, good smell.

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