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4.7 out off 5


4.5 out off 5

Reviewed in the United States on June 19,2021

This is the sort of perfume I wouldn't usually like as it is quite powdery, yet after buying a sample, I can't stop smelling my wrist. It is certainly a very elegant, classy and gentle fragrance, that I imagine is best for day time during the spring and summer months. As if often the way with good-quality understated perfumes, it really sinks into the skin and smells as though it has been your signature scent forever. I certainly wouldn't say this is tropical. More, a soapy, floral scent with a slight hint of honey. It smells like a rich lady who has just stepped out of the shower. A sophisticated fragrance that smells expensive, I'd say. It won't wow you or knock your socks off, but gorgeous nonetheless. It has kept its place on my wish list.

Dian B

Reviewed in the Latvia on June 18,2021

As a Chanel fan, I was so excited to try this. The promise of “floral, honey and tropical” sounded sublime. But... it’s just very gentle and calming and reminds me of Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo. Good use of the frangipani though, this is what Goutal’s ‘Songes’ SHOULD have been. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just very... BEIGE.


Reviewed in The United Kingdom on June 15,2021

Beautiful, feminine, and very Beige, this fragrance evokes the smell of vacations in the Mayan Riviera, where you can smell the sweet dampness of frangipani flowers if you're lucky enough to find them in bloom. The honey accord fittingly supports the flowers, making Beige a delicate choice for most daytime occasions. The projection and sillage are remarkable, so far 12 h on my skin and still going strong. I highly recommend it for when you want a dash of summer.

Mike Bowen

Reviewed in Romania on June 14,2021

I love Frangipani so this was an easy one for me to buy. This and Coromandel are all I need from Chanel, the rest I don’t care about. I’m good .


Reviewed in Mexico on June 11,2021

Gorgeous, sweet, bright opening - with 15 minutes softens down to a baby powder smell on me. maybe it's my sample - un fortunate; the opening is classy and beautifully blended


Reviewed in United States on June 09,2021

My wife loves the scent and so do I


Reviewed in Poland on June 09,2021

Best smell ever for an awesome price!!


Reviewed in United States on June 05,2021

One of my all time, favorite go to perfumes. Its soft and sweet, not overpowering.

Kaydence .Y

Reviewed in Canada on June 03,2021

Product arrived quickly in perfect condition and works great! Love it!

Guest 846

Reviewed in Germany on June 01,2021

Love it

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