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Anthony Lowry

It’s A Yes From This Couple!

Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2020

I got this for my Fiancé for Christmas because he’s been wanting it for a long time but refused to purchase such an expensive cologne for himself. I went ahead and got it for him because you pay the steep price for the QUALITY of the product! He smells amazing all day long and he’s gotten so many compliments because of it! He works outside but I can still smell it at the end of the work day so I know it was well worth it! My handsome man deserved this amazing product just like you do! ​



Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2020

My mans new daily driver! I got this for a gift for my bfs bday and he loved it! Can’t go wrong with Chanel.


For the confident man

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 14, 2020

This a fragrance for the man who wants to be known. It is for a mature & as the description implies “determined” man. Every time a man has worn this scent around me it has left me absolutely intoxicated. I will say one thing though - I don’t think it is worth a blind buy. This stuff is potent & has given a few males around me headaches who are sensitive to fragrance. Not an everyday scent either, definitely occasion worthy. This is the type of scent I image David Beckham wearing - sexy & confident. 10/10 for the scent, presentation & longevity. Very mass appealing.

victor m

The best sexy men's cologne!

Reviewed in Italy on Abril 8, 2020

I have bought this cologne for several boyfriends in the last 8 years. None of them know I do this! LOL! I love the masculine smell of it & the scent is such a sexual aphrodisiac!


Absolutely Divine!

Reviewed in Mexico on December 15, 2019

I bought this for my boyfriend as a surprise. He had been wanting it for a while. He has the EDT version which smells very good but had run out. This lasts and is a mature but not old, sophisticated scent for a man who is confident in himself.

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