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Reviewed in the United States on June 28,2021

I'm really liking this scent. I rolled the dice, having not sampled this cologne beforehand, and I'm glad I did. The smell kinda reminds me of what fog would smell like --- if it had a smell, I suppose. Its clean, not shocking or pungent, with warm tones and a soft note. It lasts too. I put it on (1 spray on the neck and 1 spray on the back of my arm) more than 3 hours ago and every-now-and-then I get reminded of it, in a pleasant way. Its a good masculine scent, too. Not floral or feminine at all.

Fanni Sanz

Reviewed in the Guatemala on June 27,2021

Smells great, this is definitely the original product it last long too so dont listen to the fake comments giving bad reviews this is great I bought it for my dad and he loves it im a girl and even i liked it I totally recommend it

Ivan Morocho.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 24,2021

It is an excellent elegant and versatile perfume I recommend


Reviewed in Philippines on June 21,2021

It smells good for a brief while but by mid-day you wonder if the smell is still there at the spot where you spray at. I have bought one from perfumes duty free before and the smell used to stay for a lot longer even after shower.


Reviewed in Mexico on June 18,2021

Love the hints of tobacco and the musky tones. Definitely a scent for those with a more refined nose and more for wear in cooler times.

Skyler 002

Reviewed in United States on June 15,2021

love the smell and it last pretty long


Reviewed in Moldova on June 12,2021

Smells awesome. It's a clean, Almost soapy scent. Isn't overpowering but get complimented all the time when I hug females.

Nikolas 89

Reviewed in Greece on June 11,2021

Great scent and volume for amount paid.


Reviewed in Taiwan on June 08,2021

not as rich as a winter cologne. I would put this in a summer category. Citrus, and masculine. I always get complements on it.

Reign Jett

Reviewed in Moldova on June 05,2021

Smells wonderful and at half the price you see in stores. Fantastic deal for a fantastic cologne.

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