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Reviewed in the United States on June 21,2021

Good Girl Legere is a flanker of a sample that I received several years ago, the original Good Girl. I liked it enough to purchase a gift set of three rollerballs (Original, Legere, and Supreme). Of the 3, I prefer the Legere the most, but I still am on the fence about buying a full size bottle. I enjoy the more citrusy notes in the Legere compared to the sweeter notes of the Original, but I feel that the tradeoff with those lighter, softer notes is less staying power (3-4 hours longevity on me, compared to 6 hours with the original). I don’t dislike it enough to give away / swap, but I won’t be buying a full size anytime soon either (unless it were deeply, deeply discounted). I find the Légère to be a softer, airier interpretation of the original Good Girl. The almond and coffee in the top notes have been replaced by orange and ylang-ylang, so it’s fruitier and more floral in the opening. The floral notes also play a bigger role in the heart of this composition.”


Reviewed in the Philippines on June 18,2021

The first time I smelled this my immediate reaction to the top notes were "Oh wow, yummy, fruity, I like that!". Then comes the nightmare of the dry-down. The dry-down smells identical to the original and the fruity brightness from the top notes are completely gone and there is something in the base that makes my stomach turn and trigger a nauseous reaction. The same nauseous reaction I get from smelling Alien by Mugler. It might be the dulce de leche mixed with tonka, I'm not sure but it's very strong, smells almost bitter, and loses it's appeal to me.


Reviewed in the Bahrain on June 17,2021

Everyone asked me what is that perfume.


Reviewed in Serbia on June 12,2021

Love it


Reviewed in Portugal on June 08,2021

I love this scent. I get so many compliments.


Reviewed in Latvia on June 07,2021

this is one of my favorite fragrances, and I have been using it for years.

Guest 948

Reviewed in Greece on June 05,2021

Bought for my sister for Christmas and she loved it!!


Reviewed in Ukraine on June 01,2021

Grandaughter was very happy with it!

Mackenzie 13

Reviewed in United States on May 31,2021

Nice and perfect for those special times! Great packaging and a very good price. Delivered on time. No problems, whatsoever!!

Ivy & Leo

Reviewed in Zambia on May 28,2021

Good product Good service thank you

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