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Reviewed in the Ukraine on June 16, 2021

Smells wonderful. Not too strong. I would definitely recommend this


Reviewed in the Canada on June 14, 2021

This smell is very unique, but in a very pleasant way. I believe it's fitting for both younger and not so younger individuals. It's a warm smell that's somewhat floral somewhat sweet and I really do love the way it smells on my skin. This is definitely a great stand out scent in my collection.


Reviewed in the Estonia on June 11, 2021

This perfume smells gorgeous! If you like musky with some floral, this perfume is perfect! It dries beautifully on the skin. I’m in my mid 20s and this will be my go to perfume for a while!

Omar Hasn

Reviewed in Hungary on June 08, 2021

I LOVE this fragrance!! I dont get how ppl say this perfume smells like mens cologne. Although it has lavender notes(common in cologne) its not overwhleming and not manly at all! Its a nice mix of jasmine which makes it super feminine in my opinion. This perfume makes me feel like a BOSS. I love it so much I bought the travel spray to keep in my purse. However, I give it 4 stars because of longevity. After 3-4hrs its barely there.


Reviewed in Mexico on June 05, 2021

I received a sample size of this and I was so excited after hearing all the good reviews on it, it literally smells like powdery grape liquid doesn't smell awful but it's not for me. literally smells like grape baby powder.


Reviewed in Sri Lanka on June 02, 2021

This scent is the best, totally my favorite. And the scent lasts a very long time. I would totally gift this item to someone, if I didn't want to keep it for myself so bad, LOL


Reviewed in Greece on May 28, 2021

Great gift for my sister! She loved it

Guest 433

Reviewed in Georgia on May 24, 2021

This scent is definitely nice/fresh. If you're into soft scents, I highly recommend this!

Amelie J

Reviewed in Maldives on May 23, 2021

This products smells amazing and the bottle I received was way bigger than I had expected.

Giuliana Smith

Reviewed in Latvia on May 19, 2021

Old school scent. Love it

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