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5 out off 5


5 out off 5
Amin momin

Reviewed in the Egypt on June 11, 2021

Sausage is the best Parfums ​

Zain syed

Reviewed in the Kuwait on June 10, 2021

Recieved my Sauvage Dior Eau de Parfum in 2 days . Box is new and sealed. Fragrance is truly delightful.. Strong Masculine Citrusy scent from the bergamot which I love in everything from my garden to my fragrance. Thank you Dior and Perfumes duty free for another wonderful scent.


Reviewed in the Maldives on June 6, 2021

Turned out to be the perfect scent for my son and a little goes a long way so don't over use. i like the price during the holidays. When we first checked into it was under $60.

Anthony Wong

Reviewed in Italy on June 2, 2021

Smells nice. You know that it is high quality just when you touch it with its odor

Honest Reviewer

Reviewed in Mexico on May 31, 2021

My wife likes the smell. The unfortunate thing is that it doesn't last long at all. The initial smell is rather strong as a parfum should be. But a couple of hours later it is gone and is left with just a skin proximity. Everyone should try it out. Different people have different experiences. I still like the smell myself and would buy again when it runs out. price here is perfect.


Reviewed in Mexico on May 25, 2021

Smells great, not a strong smell but not too light either, fairly light but it last. Don't let the price fool you it's a great cologne.


Reviewed in Taiwan on May 20, 2021

You get what you pay for. The smell is fresh and lasting. it’s a great every day fragrance.


Reviewed in Greece on May 15, 2021

a clean, fresh fragrance which is ideal for office environment. ok 5+ sprays. highly recommend. very cheaply priced!


Reviewed in Serbia on May 09, 2021

I like it the scent is clean & nice it just doesn’t have that great of a longevity to the formulation


Reviewed in Ukraine on May 06, 2021

A clean fresh scent. It is one of those types of colognes that is a “go to” ever day cologne and a very good value

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