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Amy Win

Reviewed in the Portugal on June 22,2021

Found this scent in a retail store a while before I bought the actual bottle, and was okay with it going based off first impressions, but learned to absolutely love it once it arrived. Less is definitely more in this colognes case, with A very deep and “modern” scent while still being a relatively light spray, and lasts as long as you aren’t dripping sweat, haha. Use it for work (waiter) and social events, and have gotten nothing but compliments. 5/5 and would definitely recommend to anyone who works in a social industry.

Armando Cortez

Reviewed in the United States on June 19,2021

Great product, smells amazing and 100% legit. Recommend to all the fellas out there who wanna smell like a million bucks.

Terrance Abid

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 18,2021

This product has the exact smell as the real one. Honestly it is a very nice smell that is considered to be romantic and masculine by far. Its relatively strong but smells great and will last hours on end if sprayed properly on proper points of the body, but NEVER apply cologne to clothing as is does not portray the smell as well as on the skin. It is well worth the money and I have gotten multiple compliments regarding how nice this cologne smells and I love this scent eve since I bought the three bottles I've previously has before this.

Paula and Minh

Reviewed in Italy on June 15,2021

I really do love this smell for my boyfriend ! Would definitely recommend . It is really good, depending on the size you get it could last you longer than another. I think this one lasts longer than a bigger bottle! More for your money!

Sean G

Reviewed in Algeria on June 14,2021

I'll skip the description of "notes" and what not. It smells great, and it's not too strong. It works for the office and for dinner .


Reviewed in United States on June 10,2021

Smells amazing


Reviewed in Kuwait on June 10,2021

Very good price for good cologne

Guest 943

Reviewed in Portugal on June 08,2021

This cologne smells so clean. It really smells nice, not overpowering. It’s a scent that I don’t think anyone could say that they didn’t like it


Reviewed in Lithuania on June 04,2021

Great smell but doesn't last long at all, but for the price daddy likes.


Reviewed in Singapore on June 04,2021

Great scent ... you won’t be disappointed! plus, it’s an excellent value for the money!! Helpful

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