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4.8 out off 5


4.6 out off 5

Reviewed in the Slovenia on June 26,2021

Absolutely my favorite cologne and at a great price. The scent hangs in there better than most and isn't over-bearing unless you soak in it. The world's largest retailer charges about sixty dollars for 1.7 oz. This costs $64.00 for 3.4 oz (twice the amount for the mathematically challenged) and it was delivered. (At Dillard's it is $94.00.) My wife is sensitive to scents and she absolutely loves this. I would never buy any cologne without checking it out in person and getting my wife's okay. Bad decision to buy a cologne without finding out if it offends the love of your life - trust me on this one!

Junior RT

Reviewed in the Estonia on June 23,2021

THIS IS NOT FAKE or a CLONE!! However this fragrance does have peoblems. Smells delightful and sweet. Love the smell. Only problem is after 2-3hours it dies out. on Skin its there but you have to be basically touching skin to smell it. Works WAYY BETTER ON CLOTHES GUYS!!! spray on shir is still going strong 3+ hours later. much longer than on skin!!!! nice discount= great deal to buy. Just know it is a weak lighter scent even tho it is intense. it is still fairly light n weak.

Ricki Draper

Reviewed in the Peru on June 20,2021

Always wary about buying online colognes but this one turned out to be a good purchase. I did smell it in a local store a day or 2 before finding this online and ordering it here with a better price. Its a pretty prominent scent, but enjoyable and last a fairly long while.


Reviewed in Vietnam on June 18,2021

It will make panties its what sex panther should smell like. Lol. Skl jokes aside it snells amsing and stays on. Bought it for hubby and ivr pur hased msnu others and this one by far is the best


Reviewed in Croatia on June 15,2021

Gifted item & giftee is crazy about it. Real by the way. Not a fake. Scent is lasting. I actually own one from when it was just reased & I love it.


Reviewed in Colombia on June 12,2021

Great price and really fast delivery..

Kingston 22

Reviewed in United States on June 09,2021

This product is good and smells good. Also I bought it in good price. The product stays on the cloth for several hours..


Reviewed in Germany on June 07,2021

Love this perfume.


Reviewed in Georgia on June 06,2021

BEST EVER!!! Everyone I know comments on how great it smells. TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Helpful


Reviewed in India on June 03,2021

Good cologne for a low price. You won’t regret this purchase

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