Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant EDP 100ML Reviews & Rating

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4.8 out of 5


4.3 out of 5

Reviewed in Italy

​I really liked the scent and it lasts the whole day. I put it on in the morning and I can still smell it when I get home. It is a little pricey, but for the quality of the product I think it is okay.

Moe Jad

Reviewed in Portugal

This is my favorite scent. It is lite and not over powering. It also seems to last quite a while on my skin and my clothes.

Rajiya 98

Reviewed in Norway

I have so many people ask me what I’m wearing. Absolutely love this. But it’s remember, a little goes a long way!

Rangel Glass

Reviewed in Peru

​This is one of my favorites, love this scent will continue to purchase. Second time already won't disappoint.

Zuhal L.

Reviewed in Singapore

​Didn't know what to expect when i first ordered this as i've never smelled it before. Reading all the reviews I had pretty high expectations and im glad to say that those expectations were met! ​Awesome scent! Definitely would buy again.


Reviewed in United States

​This product is amazing, smells so good and lasts for a very long time!

Bergi E.

Reviewed in Australia

​I love it, about to order another bottle. Ordered and it came on the 22th but order said 24th-26 so came quite early. Ordered on the 8th. Great cologne.

E. Monet

Reviewed in Portugal

​This is the second most complimented cologne I’ve owned, i’am very happy with this purchase! Long lasting, smells fantastic!

Joseph L.

Reviewed in Estonia

​Love it 😀 😍 i wish i find this perfume earlier. Does not smell like the copy item at all!!!

Teo impurety

Reviewed in Thailand

​I decided to give it a try based on good reviews, a lot of people seem to really love the perfume. Also the fact that I could get it for such a good price and haven’t had perfume in a while so why not?! I had read others bad reviews on the product and was worried this would be a fake. But after 2 full days of wearing it, I’m pretty sure it is the real thing. It lasts at least 8 hours on my skin, and has no alcohol scent, nor is it watered down. It has that deep, velvety scent that I love and reminds me of other legitimate perfumes I have had in the past.

Zoey Floid

Reviewed in Austria

​Absolutely delicious, floral top notes, stays on for a long time in a delightfully mature scent. It’s seriously amazing especially for summer and spring, I’m 27 and I love perfumes

Graves Safiya

Reviewed in Denmark

It is great scent. Not super overpowering but not too light either.​ Great product!!. Keep it fresh!!.

Erez Orleans

Reviewed in Hungary

​Do not buy it I’m serious take my word

Tamarr Bern

Reviewed in Poland

​Handsome Fragrance For Any Age!.. This smells very good and is the best price out there.

Randali Derya

Reviewed in France

​Great product!. Smells great. The price cant be beat either.

Govert Perris

Reviewed in Austria

This is fresh very good scent which you can wear it. Great value!

Bison Sasson

Reviewed in Bulgary

​Great product. i love this perfume. well packaged. Arrived on time.

Tendai Almonzo

Reviewed in United States

not my type of perfumes at all but it's goood for a different appearance

Boy Rob

Reviewed in Germany

​I am led to believe it smells great . ​A truly memorable scent!

Chatura Paula

Reviewed in Brazil

​Absolutely love this perfume best gift i ever have

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