Light Blue Intense Pour Homme D&G 125ML Reviews & Rating

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4.8 out of 5


4.2 out of 5
Calgary Tarana

Reviewed in Portugal

Got it quick and exactly what I wanted.

Babak Sarita

Reviewed in Norway

My favorite cologne

Farrah Taskeen

Reviewed in Peru

Love the smell of this cologne. Priced very well and will get it again, I’m sure.

Dacian Saran

Reviewed in Thailand

The smell of this product is amazing. I’ve had numerous compliments on it.

Earvin 2009

Reviewed in Austria

To get what you pay for , ripped off !!!!

Shadan Ateret

Reviewed in Colombia

It’s a wonderful fragrance and I’ve worn it for years. I was thrilled with this purchase and I highly recommend it.

Tochtli Lainey

Reviewed in United Kingdom

I bought it for myself. I always get loads of comments on the scent, even strangers. I also notice it smells wonderful on others as well!

Rotem Jacobie

Reviewed in Canada

Lasts forever hours. Pleasant fragrance .

Townley Madan

Reviewed in United States

Perfect in every way. Beautiful scent n box

Kailyn Varian

Reviewed in Estonia

It doesn't smell the same, my husband said it smells like bug spray!

R Tanveer

Reviewed in Italy

I get compliments wherever I go. Co-workers are always complimentary, all of my nieces will remember me for how good I smelled and I get many compliments from women passing me in the grocery store. I highly recommend!!!

Pearson 86

Reviewed in Denmark

Great smell from a great product

Sasuke Lozen

Reviewed in Hungary

This cologne is a great pick. I opened it up and sprayed just a little on me and asked my mother and sister what they thought of the scent and both of them thought it was great. I cannot wait to get to work with this one.

Raum Kindle

Reviewed in Poland

This is my son's favorite scent and I will admit, I wear it as well sometimes. It's clean and fresh and overall a great everyday eau de toilette. This is the best price I have found and ours is definitely authentic. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Uzumati 91

Reviewed in France

Inexpensive but better than the expensive ones

Talmon Nsomi

Reviewed in Austria

Definitely a must buy for men to have something quick to put on for your smell good collection. Will be using this for the gym and afternoons. Fresh scent not too harsh and takes one to two sprays and you’re good to go! Blind purchase and I’m glad I did.

Matias Matias

Reviewed in Bulgary

The scent doesn't stay with you that long

T Ossian

Reviewed in United States

Guys, dont let the price tag sway you, this fragrance is great! Much so for me as i need something that isnt too harsh it might start choking patients out. Very clean, apple scent… refreshing

Tejano 82

Reviewed in Germany

You are sleeping on this bottle if you do not buy this!! OMG this is amazing! Steal for what is worth. Smells amazing

Tariq FR3

Reviewed in Brazil

Have gotten so many compliments on this and I like the refreshing scent it offers. Only thing I don't love is that so many people are familiar with it they can pinpoint it. I kind of like to feel unique, so I probably won't wear it to higher end events or what not. But for daily activities it's a fantastic budget option.

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