My Burberry Blush Reviews & Rating


Reviewed in the United States on June 20,2021

I first purchased this in Copenhagen and fell in love. I would say that a little goes a long way. So for those who say that the scent doesn't last long then that really just means that it doesn't work with your body chemistry. The scent is soft and refreshing. There isn't a time that I wear this where I'm not complimented. I think that is most appropriate for a nice dinner but soft enough for you to wear to the office. A definite must-have!

Patricia Arrington

Reviewed in the Cyprus on June 18,2021

Perfect gift, I will purchase more.


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 15,2021

I was expecting something light, and this is DEFINITELY not it. It definitely smells like something my mom or Grandmother would wear.... my boyfriend hated it and asked me to get rid of it immediately.


Reviewed in Taiwan on June 15,2021

Love it! I bought this without knowing what it will smell like and it didn’t disappoint.


Reviewed in Serbia on June 10,2021

This perfume wears beautiful on my skin and clothing, and leaves a beautiful scent on clothing even weeks after applied. I would 100% recommend, it is super feminine and beautiful. Not sure why some reviews said it doesn’t last, 1-2 sprays lasted long for me.


Reviewed in Moldova on June 09,2021

This has always been my go to perfume! Smells amazing and the smell doesn’t fade!

Zahra Mhd

Reviewed in United States on June 08,2021

Best price I could find for my wife's favorite perfume. I will definitely buy it again as long as this offer remains.


Reviewed in Brazil on June 07,2021

One of the only ones I will wear 🥰 I love it !

Maci 93

Reviewed in Moldova on June 03,2021

Smells wonderful but the scent should last longer


Reviewed in Sri Lanka on June 02,2021

Perfect! I love My Burberry Blush and I'm happy to have found it again.

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