Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir 100ML EDP Reviews & Rating

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4.8 out of 5


4.2 out of 5
Sammy Dana

Reviewed in United Kingdom

One of my boyfriend’s fave scent. I like the smell it doesn’t hurt the nose and the scent alone last all day long.

Baden Reality

Reviewed in Spain

I have been using this product for a long time.

Sandy Eduarte

Reviewed in Mexico

really short scent lasting.

Farolf Satoyo

Reviewed in Zambia

Love this cologne

Orsina Garin

Reviewed in Greece

Got it quick and exactly what I wanted.

Thad Creda

Reviewed in Estonia

This is probably my favorite men’s scents.

Psalm Ayasha

Reviewed in Turkey

My Ancient One smells divine!

Shikama Arlanna

Reviewed in Jordan

Most perfumes give me a headache. This one does not.

Ringo Aviana

Reviewed in Spain

It smells like a funeral

Roald Hachi

Reviewed in Germany

Great gift for my father

Othello 84

Reviewed in Italy

Great cologne for the price

Sebastien Tay

Reviewed in Denmark

I had a smaller bottle of this cologne and I really liked the fragrance. I can't believe the price point (in a good way). Should've bought this bigger bottle years ago!

Teman 2003

Reviewed in Hungary

Great scent you can take it anywhere

Pirro Pirro

Reviewed in Poland

The scent in this is great it smells so good and it lasts a very long time I even spray a little on my hat when I go out and for a week you can still smell it. 🙂 I think it's a great value for the money I plan on buying more if I run out

W Thanasis

Reviewed in France

I like getting my husband cologne every year and sometimes ill rebuy a favorite or will try to get a new one foe him to try. I was so scared to buy one online and it smelling terrible and after reading a lot reviews I decided to buy and so glad I did.

Rimbo Kineks

Reviewed in Austria

Buyer Beaware the sprayer does not work!

Sheng ugh

Reviewed in Bulgary

This is my fiance's favorite and luckily it's mine too. It smells so amazing and lasts all day! I've bought him 2 bottles in a little over 3 years and he's still got over half a bottle left! He doesn't wear it every single day.

Yuri Noya

Reviewed in United States

I purchased this as a gift for my husband blindly going off the amazon reviews. I was a little nervous but both my husband and I were delighted. Smells wonderful!

Zayn K5

Reviewed in Germany

I have received so many compliments on this cologne, this is my go to. The smell lasts all day and it smells so incredibly good hard to believe it's so cheap.

Vazquez eska

Reviewed in Brazil

haven't used nautica for a long time, and recently rediscovered this scent while shopping for a different brand. decieded to go with nautica again, and i am glad i did! this is a great scent for a great price.

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