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4.5 out off 5


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mMaz magic

Reviewed in the Vietnam on June 21,2021

Opens up with green and citrusy notes. As the scent develops Vetiver becomes the main player, hence the name. I also do detect Sandalwood in this as well. A wonderful fresh scent for the summer.


Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2021

This is a beautiful fresh, green and dewey fragrance. I love it but the name is misleading. How is this one a vetiver fragrance and an original one on top of it? Original Bergamot would be more appropriate. This is a very nice bergamot centric fragrance with a subtle touch of a very non earthy, polished and green vetiver.


Reviewed in the Finland on June 18, 2021

Fresh, creamy, green, this is paradise. I had to buy a 100ml bottle even though it only lasts about 7 hours, but the projection of the first two hours is phenomenal. The vetiver is not a note I adore in perfume, but this is amazing. The vetiver here is very gentle, which I personally love. This is not a dirty earthy vetiver, the Original Vetiver can be worn even by those who do not like vetiver. Citrus, ginger, amber, musk and iris do not allow the dominance of vetiver, so everything is smooth and refined. The most beautiful Creed perfume. Merci Creed.


Reviewed in Lithuania on June 17 2021

If one wants a fresh perfume without giving in to a "freshie", Original Vetiver is a real contender! The only one that stands on the same level as this one, IMO, is Nio. And I go for this one 90% of the times. That says a lot if you care. Green as green can be. Neroli where it belongs: the background. The most "everyday scent" on the niche realm. 10/10


Reviewed in Portugal on June 15, 2021

Nice fragrance and long lasting


Reviewed in Georgia on June 08, 2021

The smell is outstanding ans last, love it.

Guest 839

Reviewed in Germany on June 07, 2021

Its a very good product

Lisa & DY

Reviewed in Canada on June 05, 2021

Love the smell and well worth the money


Reviewed in United States on June 02, 2021

I bought this without smelling it first. It had such great reviews that I took a chance. I love the smell.


Reviewed in Spain on June 02, 2021

It smells amazing and have received many complements while wearing it. Also, great price for the product!

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