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4.8 out of 5


4.2 out of 5
Noella Brock

Reviewed in Portugal

The product is authentic and the cost is less than the department stores.

Marlee Arabia

Reviewed in Estonia

I love this fragrance and I get many compliments… 🙂

Litany Clint

Reviewed in Sri Lanka

I love this perfume I have used it for several years… And I always get compliments of The fragrance when I’m wearing it… :-)t

Kennice Cobb

Reviewed in Denmark

My favorite perfume. I wish it was cheaper.

Marlo 99

Reviewed in United Kingdom

don't buy

Maeron Danilo

Reviewed in Estonia

Very good buy.

Haylia Garrison

Reviewed in Turkey

Wife loves the scent & so do i

Latona Eito

Reviewed in Jordan

Smells really good

Kanoa Fedele

Reviewed in Spain

Received unsealed product that was either opened or tampered with or just old. Because this is perfume

Inga Camryn

Reviewed in Germany

My wife really loves it. She says it smells sophisticated. Haha!

Seghen Iwan

Reviewed in Italy

This is absolutely one of the best smelling colognes I have purchased. So many compliments already. I have over 30 different high end colognes and I put this one in my top 5. Buy this. You will not be disappointed, I assure you.

Pippa Heir

Reviewed in Denmark

This was an unexpected purchase. I was just adding to my collection of colognes when I read the reviews for this one. I must say that the scent, long lasting effect, and cost makes this a great buy for someone wanting to try something new. I will buy again and the women I know love the scent as well.

Polyxena 1992

Reviewed in Hungary

Long lasting smell. You can use just a little amount and it stays on all day. I mix it with other colognes for a unique smell.

Telissa Neige

Reviewed in Poland

This one is terrible. It is not worth the money. Scent less all of about five minutes and what little sent is there isn’t good at all. Also this product is non-returnable.

Rylan 1974

Reviewed in France

Great Scent. Great Price. Spicey, Warm, Smooth.

Ryoko Heitor

Reviewed in Austria

Great scent. Great price. Premium aroma. It does transform towards the end of the initial scent and you kind of smell like a bread pudding.

Shanti FT

Reviewed in Bulgary

It is a great clean scent and pretty strong so I suggest using the spray and walk into the mist method of application. I will add that it smells great even with direct spraying so ajust to your liking.

Tjode Ize

Reviewed in United States

This scent was just not for me. I wanted to give it a try it was a great price online. All their products usually smell great. This doesn't smell bad it's just not my scent, it's got a strong

R Yamha

Reviewed in Germany

Its smells horrible coming out of the bottle and on your clothing even after letting it evaporate

Velvet Heinz

Reviewed in Brazil

Good value for the price. Im almost certain this can give the more expensive women colognes a run for the money. I like it alot would re-order.

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